IFAVINE P100 -  Argon gas wine preserver
IFAVINE P100 -  Argon gas wine preserver

IFAVINE P100 - Argon gas wine preserver

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Passion, innovation and creation. These are three things that the team at IFAVINE can all relate to.

With a strong passion for wine, the team at IFAVINE pursue innovation and pioneering ideas to create products that can give a wine lover an enhanced drinking experience.

The IFAVINE P100 wine preserver gives wine lovers the freedom to pour any wine in any amount at any time.

Whether you want a sip, a glass, perhaps even more. The convenience is now in your hands.

Your last glass will taste just as amazing as your very first, with no loss of flavour, aroma or balance

The system uses 99.99% argon gas capsules to ensure an arrest of oxidation to the wine.

Argon gas is completely inert and 38% heavier than air. This means it can form an invisible layer over the top of the wine to stop further breathing and oxidation.

The system can be utilised for domestic and commercial use, will allow a wine to last for up to 30 days, and covers the whole spectrum of wines.

The P100GB pack comes with the P100 plus x2 capsules to pour and preserve 30+ glasses of wine, x2 stoppers, a stand and a display case.


Decant it, Taste it, Don’t waste it!