Ifavine iSommelier decanter - mini
Ifavine iSommelier decanter - mini

Ifavine iSommelier decanter - mini

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Introducing the IFAVINE iSommelier, now for the first time you can bring a wine to a level of maturity that would otherwise take years of cellaring within a matter of minutes. Decant any wine in minutes instead of hours.

iSommelier is a smart decanter with a global patent. iSommelier uses a molecular filter technology to isolate oxygen from the air, and filters 90% purified oxygen throughout the wine in our unique carafe. The filter takes out carbon dioxide, nitrogen and dust particles in the air leaving close to pure oxygen which is then pumped through the body of the wine.

This "Mini" model has a simple dial that allows you to choose your exact timing. The system reduces decanting by a factor of 1 to 60. Meaning 1 minute real time is the equivalent of a 1 hour traditional decant.

When it comes to decanting, all you need from the air is oxygen. Unfortunately air only contains 21% oxygen, this is why traditional decanting process takes so long, because all you need is oxygen from the air.

iSommelier effectively reduces traces of methanol, sulfur dioxide, and other harmful substances in the wine. The decanting process becomes efficient, thorough and healthier.

With this efficient and intelligent decanting process, iSommelier maximises the level of aroma and flavour, lowers acidity and softens tannins and will bring the potential of each wine to reach its peak status.




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